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About Us

Aqua Clean Systems Pvt. Ltd. cater to parts cleaning machines and is an entity managed by highly experienced professionals with wide experience in the field of parts cleaning technology.

At Aqua Clean, we value our customers and endeavor to offer the best solutions backed by responsive and efficient service. We contribute by being the most innovative, competitive and offer cost-effective solutions to enhance your quality output.

Our equipment’s are designed, based on understanding the components and the customer's specific cleaning requirement, which helps us in offering an end-to-end solution for their cleaning needs for assured performance at minimum cost.

Aqua Clean Systems


Our VISION is to be ‘The Premier Parts Washing Machine Manufacturing Company by being the best in terms of offering customer value, customer service, innovation, human talent and consistent predictable growth.’


To be the Center of Excellence for integrated cleaning solutions for automotive, general engineering, defence, aerospace, rail and transit industries.

  • The Management
    Aqua Clean Systems founded in 2003, with the broad background in parts cleaning technology and a vision to serve wide spectrum of industries to overcome their parts cleaning requirements. The owners have worked in the field of parts washing and surface finishing business for several years and have a broad background in engineering, manufacturing, service and finance.

    Managerial expertise with direct knowledge, industry experience and unique administrative skills has helped the company to emerge as a renowned name in the field of parts cleaning industry. With the excellent leadership, they have always inspired their team to be innovative and exquisite.

    Mr. Sachin More is cognizant of the industrial parts washing technology and surface treatment processes that has kept the company leading in the machine cleaning industry. He has been managing this for well over one and a half decades, but his experience in the industry of parts cleaning, surface treatment and paint finishing technology spreads out over two and a half decades. So, when you go with Aqua Clean Systems, you go with a great amount of experience. With his experience, Aqua Clean Systems has developed machines that meets the highest cleanliness standards.

    Mr. Sameer More is highly experienced in product development and vendor development, which has ensured the company remained on top when it comes to responsive customer service and efficiency. He has been managing this for well over three decades. His experience and intellectual skills in business analysis and valuable guidance in manufacturing of machine has helped the company grow and remained competitive and innovative. The equipment’s are designed and based strictly on the understanding of the customer's specific cleaning requirements, which has helped Aqua Clean Systems in delivering a perfect solution for every customer’s need. With his managerial skills, Aqua Clean Systems cleaning machines are engineered to be optimally priced and still deliver the best performance.

    Mr. Parag Prabhudesai amassed a good amount of experience in different fields in the corporate world before joining the management of Aqua Clean Systems. He has wide industrial experience in surface coating and paint technology. He has also worked in the field of product development, material, logistics and has managed operations for over three decades. He has an intricate understanding of the equipment’s that make up each customer's specific cleaning requirements as well as the methods to ensure that this is done at minimal cost. His understanding helps the company remain innovative and at the same time, cost friendly.
  • Business Description
  • Our Team
    We have a team of over 25 professionals who look after design, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, installations and servicing. Our people are cross-trained to work in multiple capacities.

    Our well-established vendor base for outsourcing peripherals supports us in meeting our quality and supply targets. We also have a team of experienced channel partners situated at key locations all over India, who provide marketing and sales support to our customers.

    Our customers are supported by a team that is devoted to their satisfaction. Given the quality of project management, the team has completed more than 500 projects in numerous areas of industry like Automotive Industry, General Engineering including government projects to date and will continue to do so going forward.

    Each member of the team contributes their fair share of the workload and fully understands, what their responsibilities are and where they fit in with the running of the business satisfying the clients to the fullest.
  • Infrastructure
    The company has its headquarters in Pune, India, has manufacturing facilities at Talawade near Nigdi and en route to the Chakan Industrial Area new automotive hub of Pune. We have 10,000Sq. Ft. of land with a built-up area of 3000 sq. Ft. and more expandable up to 15,000 sq. Ft. For manufacturing area, including offices for administration, engineering, and a quality assurance area. The diverse infrastructure and manufacturing equipment accommodates versatility and allows the plant to operates self-sufficiently.

    Our Company Infrastructure

    Aqua Clean Systems
    Aqua Clean Systems
    Aqua Clean Systems
    Aqua Clean Systems
    Aqua Clean Systems

Company Values


As an Engineering Organisation, we are lean and agile. Our people are cross-trained to work in multiple capacities. Our customers are supported by a team that is devoted to their satisfaction.

Quality & Innovation

We are passionate about achieving the highest standard of quality and provide unsurpassed services. We strive to develop innovative solutions and deliver premium value to our customers.


Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to genuinely listen, understand and meet our customers’ needs is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for our business.


We recognise that the integrity of our personal and business interactions affects our human assets, customers, partners, community, and the nation as a whole.