Roto - Cabinet ( Cabinet Type Component & Twin Chamber Washing Machines, Rotary Indexing Type Cleaning Machines )

Roto - Cabinet washer, also known as Cabinet Type Component Washing Machine & Twin Chamber Washing Machine, Rotary Indexing Type Cleaning Machine is ruggedly built cabinet type spray washing machine with rotary table and designed for large size and batch cleaning process, while retaining the cost-effectiveness of the equipment.
Roto - Cabinet washers are available in different turntable sizes ranging from 800, 1000, 1200 & 1500 mm dia. and have loading
   heights to meet the requirement of your process.
Roto - Cabinet can be customized and is available in single chamber, common point load / unload with single tank to suit your
   specific application requirements.
These equipments can be designed with independent component rotation for specific parts.
Programmable control panel with human machine interface (HMI).
Reciprocating spray bars for internal cleaning.
Suitable for large parts, machined bodies and batch type production.
ront Loading Spray Washers
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